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  • Managing Client Expectations During Site Launches

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    Managing conflicting priorities, and ensuring stakeholders are happy — these are just a few of the obstacles you face when you’re launching an enterprise site. The key to a smooth enterprise site launch? According to Joe Kelly (formerly of Workshop Digital), SEO Manager of Bonfire: Communicate, early and often. Video transcription My name is Joe Kelly, […]

  • Google Analytics Heatmap: Easily Identify Traffic Patterns (2021 Version)

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    🎉 The dashboard has been updated to include data from 2021 TL;DR: Use this custom heatmap dashboard to easily identify which month, the day of the week, and the time of day your site gets the most/least amount of traffic or conversions. The two most common questions we get from clients during reporting calls or strategy meetings […]

  • Content Strategy Boosts Organic Traffic by 10,210%

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    Content marketing takes patience. By our estimates, it can take 6-8 months for a strategy to drive traffic. However, we sometimes see clients panic around month 3, questioning the chosen path and wanting to abandon the strategy altogether. Completing a successful content strategy and assuring (and reassuring) your client of a long-term strategy’s value is […]

  • How to Earn a Featured Snippet in 7 Minutes

    In the beginning, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the value of featured snippets for websites. Over the past couple of months, however, there have been multiple case studies from highly regarded digital marketers proving that these featured snippets can provide an enormous amount of value for a website’s organic visibility. In this study, […]

  • 18 Dynamic Tags I Use to Get Smarter Keyword Data in STAT

    STAT Keyword Tracker Dashboard

    This post discusses advanced tactics for the keyword tracking tool STAT. We recommend becoming familiar with STAT, and the basics of dynamic tags and how to set them up if you’re new to this tool. Early in 2016, our SEO team got an account with STAT, an enterprise keyword tracking tool. As with most tools, it takes time to […]

  • The “WTF is Happening to My Organic Traffic” Dashboard

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    TL;DR: Using the Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets combined with this custom dashboard, you can easily analyze what’s causing organic traffic to decline. Have you ever logged into Google Analytics and noticed organic traffic trending downward over the past couple of weeks? It happens—we’ve all been there. As SEO analysts, this is where we get to show off […]